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Humane Choice True Free Range Eggs and Chicken

Free range eggs have a flavour all of their own that cannot be reproduced when hens are confined in sheds. Free range hens do not need to be fed artificial colouring agents to imitate the rich golden yokes of eggs produced on true free range, pasture fed farms.

Chickens naturally love to scratch and forage in the earth, always searching for that tasty bug or worm, sweet green grass shoots and of course, a good spot for a dust bath.

Chickens kept in confinement cannot carry out any of these natural behaviours and many are forced to share a tiny cage with many other birds or large overcrowded sheds. The hens kept in these factory style farms are so far removed from their natural environment that it can impact severely on the way they react to vast numbers of other birds being in such close proximity. The chickens must deal with confronting 'strange' and unknown birds constantly and this can be stressful for them and result in fighting and feather pecking.

Humane Choice chickens have the freedom to forage in open fields well protected with shade and shelter.  Layer hens are able to roost, nest and carry out all natural behaviours.

Stocking densities and individual flock sizes are kept small to encourage harmony amongst the birds which discourages any aggressiveness.

Humane Choice chickens are not subjected to any mutilations like de-beaking, toe trimming or wing cutting.

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