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Pigs are intelligent, social creatures that form close bonds with their herd mates. They build nests to give birth in, are fiercely protective of not only their own young, but all piglets in their group.

Pigs are great communicators with quite an impressive vocabulary made of of grunts, snorts, hoots, squeals and barks. You only need to take the time to listen to pick up what some of these sounds mean.

True Free Range pigs will travel long distances during the day foraging for their favourite treats or just to go to that hidden resting place or mud wallow. Pigs love to graze and will supplement their diet with grasses and weeds when given the opportunity.

Humane Choice pigs give birth outdoors and spend their entire lives free to roam in paddocks and free to forage.  They do not have their tales docked or their teeth clipped and are able to grow at a natural pace unaided by hormones or growth promoters.

Humane Choice producers do not use sow stalls or farrowing crates.

Knowing that farmed pigs are treated well has become so important to so many that it is driving the demand for free range products. Of course as soon as there is a demand for anything and there is seen to be a commercial benefit, we will see the moneymakers move in.

Unfortunately this is what is happening in the free range industry and unless we are careful and take the time to know exactly what we are buying we may just end up supporting the intensification of free range animals.

By selecting Humane Choice accredited products you can ensure that the animals are raised on pasture with adequate space to explore and thrive in their environment.

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