A quick overview of the Humane Choice standards

Please read the Standards thoroughly before applying for certification. You can download the full standards here.  Here is a quick overview of some important points.

  • No tail docking
  • No teeth clipping
  • No nose rings
  • Castration only with anesthetic
  • Access to pasture
  • Stocking density requirements
  • No sow stalls
  • No farrowing crates
  • No growth promoters
  • No beak trimming
  • 1,500 hens per hectare
  • Access to pasture
  • Birds without unrestricted daylight access must have indoor stocking rate of 5 birds per square metre or less when confined.
  • No chicken tractors *
  • No growth promoters
  • No feedlotting
  • No tail docking
  • No nose rings
  • No growth promoters


  • No tail docking
  • No mulesing
  • Castration only with anesthetic
  • No feedlotting

*Chicken tractors

We do understand that certain popular land management systems promote the use of chicken tractors in pasture rotations with other species (eg. Joel Salatin).  Because of the confinement of the birds in this system we cannot accept them as being free range.

There are many concerns about the use of chicken tractors in our sometimes very hot and dry environment and these incude:
  • They MUST be moved everyday
  • Water supply is problem
  • Water gets very hot in these systems
  • Low structures with tin or corrugate roofs can overheat the birds and kill them
  • Hot weather is a real problem unless pens are in the shade and not an open paddock
  • Stocking densities can be excessive
  • No ability to dustbath unless supplied
  • Being directly on the ground without bedding is a problem in cold weather.
  • Requires excellent management and suitable climate
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